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2017 Year End Review and 2018 Outlook, “The Year of Many Pleasant Surprises”

January 2, 2018

By Scott Bogan

Last year’s developments help shape our expectations for the near future, and my 2017 Year End Review and 2018 Outlook attempts to convey the following:

  • Interpret the dynamics that are driving capital markets
  • Identify opportunities and risks in the year ahead
  • Specify bullish and bearish drivers within various asset classes
  • Indicate actions we are taking to keep client portfolio holdings well positioned and cost efficient

Our capital markets analysis filters this information through the following prisms:

  • Key geopolitical policy developments, past and future, that are materially impacting investor sentiment and forward expectations for markets
  • Central Bank policies
  • Corporate earnings, bond yields, inflation, which are all driving Equity, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Commodity Markets

My goal is to communicate thoughtful analysis that improves clients’ understanding, promotes a sense of empowerment, and helps clients manage their wealth which is essential to helping them achieve many of their life’s goals.

Scott M. Bogan serves as an Investment Advisor/Capital Markets Strategist with Resnick Advisors in Westport, CT.  You can email Scott at

Note: This material is for informational purposes only.  It is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate, but it has not been verified by Resnick Advisors nor audited for accuracy or completeness.  It does not constitute tax, investment, or other specific advice, recommendations, or projected returns.