Join Our Successful & Growing Team

Founded in 1990, Resnick Advisors is one of Connecticut’s leading independent firms.  Our approach to business is to meet the financial needs of individuals and families in a personal way. Our services include investment management, risk management, estate and wealth transfer planning, and tax planning. We predominately serve high-net-worth individuals and families in our local community. If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities at Resnick, please email

Conflict-Free Growth Environment
  • Clients benefit from an independent, un-conflicted environment where advisors are free of sales pressure
  • Advisors operate in a growth culture that is free of bureaucratic red tape
  • Advisors receive team-based support to enable growth
Attractive Ongoing Compensation
  • Clearly defined, Competitive payout grid
  • In addition, unlike brokerage houses, no haircut is taken between revenue and payout – advisors receive 100% credit for all revenue generated
Partnership/Equity Value
  • Opportunity for partnership in Resnick Advisors for advisors who demonstrate strong performance
  • Ability to monetize true equity value of the advisor’s book in the future
Upfront Consideration
  • For high-producing advisors, flexibility in creating an offer that is best for the advisor, their family and their clients