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At Long Last, It’s Finally Here!

February 2, 2018

By Resnick Advisors


The downside volatility we predicted has finally arrived. Fortunately, nothing has fundamentally changed in the global economic picture, and the flurry of the press attributing the downturn to certain issues makes no sense at all.  The biggest boogieman appears to be the specter of rising interest rates, and, in our opinion, this issue is being blown way out of proportion.  The market had moved upwards much too rapidly since the beginning of the year, and this blow-off should be nothing more than an attempt by the market to bring itself down to earth.  Unfortunately, today’s volatility is probably a sign of things to come, and we encourage clients who are nervous to contact us.

As always, we would be happy to discuss any of this with anyone who would like to give us a call or send us an e-mail –

NOTE: Market volatility can significantly affect short-term and long-term performance of any investment or investments or portfolio of investments.  Any portfolio of investments, or an individual investment, is subject to market fluctuations and economic conditions.  Any portfolio of investments, or an individual investment, may lose value.  Every investment has the potential for loss as well as profit.  In addition, deposits to or withdrawals from a portfolio by the client may significantly affect investment returns.
*Past performance is no guarantee of future results and investment results and principal value will fluctuate so that a portfolio of investments, or an individual investment, when withdrawn or sold, may be worth more or less than their original costs.